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When it comes to providing great customer service, that person-to-person connection remains as important as ever. With the proliferation of new technologies and communication methodologies, it seems however, that many businesses have thrown in-person contact to the wayside. More and more businesses are adopting the use of automated technologies such as smartbots and “push this, enter this” type strategies to address customer phone calls. But what does that really do to the customer experience? 

As far as Hartley and Associates is concerned, there remains a prevalent need in today’s business environment to provide person-to-person contact for businesses of all kinds. Regardless of the industry that your business operates in, your customers will appreciate the opportunity to speak with a real person. But don’t just take our word for it. Never miss another call with Hartley and Associates answering services. Let what we have to offer, show you the difference.

Hartley and Associates Answering Services for all industries

Industries We Serve:

At Hartley and Associates, we have taken the time to better understand the various industries in the marketplace. And, we have created customized approaches for each industry, ensuring that each and every caller receives an excellent customer experience, each and every time they call. Hartley is proud to provide answering services for businesses of all sizes in the following industries:

    • Medical
    • In-Home Care
    • Hospice Care
    • Dental
    • Veterinary
    • Property Management
    • Government Agencies / Municipalities
    • Legal
      • Construction / General Contracting
        • Plumbing
        • HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning)
        • Electrical
        • Painting
        • Roofing
        • Siding
        • Landscaping
        • Handyman Services

        Services We Offer:

        In-Bound Answering Call Services

          24-Hour Answering Service

          Business doesn’t stop when a conflict comes up and many companies require 24-hour answering services. Hartley and Associates is proud to provide answering services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. This means that your business will never miss a call. Not only that, your new customers and potential clients will have the opportunity to speak to a real person, no matter what time of day it is. 

          The Hartley and Associates team can be your full-time virtual receptionist at a fraction of the cost of an in-office receptionist. We can cover time for staff meetings, lunches, and even when your office manager is away on errands. We can schedule appointments, accept appointment cancellations, help your customers place orders and make reservations, register for an event, and more. 

          After Hours Answering Service

          Just because your business has wound down operations for the day, it doesn’t mean your customer doesn’t have you top of mind. Businesses need to be able to take calls when it is convenient for the customer to call, not just when it feels like it is convenient to answer. Hartley and Associates is proud to help businesses answer calls during any time of day, even after hours. We’ll answer your night calls and provide you with the relief and confidence that calls are being taken care of. Further, if an urgent matter arises, we’ll dispatch help if needed.

          Doctors, dentists, and veterinarians need to know that their patients are being cared for during the off hours. The Hartley and Associates team is well-versed in serving the medical community and meeting their obligation to provide 24/7 support. And we provide an essential service for hospice companies when families need an urgent response regarding their loved one. We can provide urgent notifications regarding patients receiving in-home care services and can create alerts when caregivers are calling off their shift with short notice.

          Hartley and Associates can help real estate property managers as well. We can alert you to urgent maintenance issues, or dispatch a plumber in the middle of the night. 

          The key is that businesses won’t miss a potential new client’s call who might be calling right after closing (or just outside normal business hours.)

          Bilingual Answering Service

          Over 10% of the U.S. population speaks Spanish as their primary language. This means that there is a need for Spanish-speaking call answering agents for when these customers call. Hartley and Associates is proud to offer bilingual call answering services in English and Spanish for your business and we can help you grow your business with the growing Spanish-speaking population. 

          Our 24/6/365 bilingual staff is trained to help medical practitioners provide service to Spanish-speaking patients. 

          More and more businesses are marketing directly to the Hispanic community and our bilingual speakers are here to help them do that. We can schedule appointments, accept cancellations, help with order or reservation placement, event registration, and more, all in Spanish!

          Call Overflow Answering Service

          No matter our best efforts, sometimes we can’t manage the volume of calls that come into our place of work. While you might be on the phone with one customer, another customer might be taking, sometimes with an urgent issue. Hartley and Associates is pleased to provide call overflow services, making sure that each and every one of your customers receives a prompt answer to their call.

          We all know how frustrating it can be waiting on hold for a long time or getting a voicemail when you have just a simple question that requires a simple answer. Imagine how your customers feel! With our call flow answering service, you can have your phones set to roll-over to your answering service when all of your lines are busy. This means you can avoid having your callers wait on long-holds or going to voicemail. The Hartley and Associates team can answer your overflows ensuring your callers get personal service.

          We help when you are short-staffed, when someone is sick or on vacation etc. We can schedule appointments, accept cancellations, help with order or reservation placement, event registration, and more.

          Message Dispatch Answering Service

          Emergencies are just what they sound like – emergencies. This means that you can’t predict them. Message dispatch services from Hartley and Associates ensures that you never miss an important call, and that you or your team members are always properly alerted to a customer call. Our highly trained and qualified live receptionists can take your calls quickly, ensuring your customers are treated well and get the assistance that they require.

          Hartley and Associates’ message dispatch answering service is great for the HVAC, plumbing, IT support, and property management industries. We can field your after-hours emergencies and route to the appropriate on-call or maintenance technician. This service is also a must for doctors and dentists who want assurance that their after-hours patient calls are handled correctly and directed to the appropriate on-call provider. And, we can dispatch messages when there is a need for urgent message delivery.

          Order Taking Services

          The Hartley and Associates team works as an extension to your sales team. Since some customers still prefer to call in their order, our team is ready and able to take those orders, helping you to grow your revenue by ensuring you never miss an important customer order.

          As-Needed Answering Service

          With our as-needed answering service, we can help cover call answering duties when you’re short-staffed, if an employee is sick or on vacation, etc. We can cover anytime for staff meetings, lunches, when your office manager is running errands, and more. We’re here to help you when you need us.

          Professional Answering Service

          Call Center Services

            • 24-Hour Answering Service 
              • Business doesn’t stop when a conflict comes up and many companies require 24-hour answering services. Hartley and Associates is proud to provide
            • Bilingual Call Center Services
            • BPO Call Center
            • Business Continuity Service
            • Customer Support Outsourcing
            • Direct Response Campaigns
            • Event Registration
            • Inbound Call Center Services
            • Lead Capture & Qualification
            • Order Taking Services
            • Tech Support / Help Desk
            • Virtual Call Center Services
            • Whistleblower Hotline Service

            For all of the above services, Hartley and Associates is proud to offer the following call answering features:

            • Appointment Scheduling
            • Call Routing
            • RSVP Answering Service
            • Virtual Answering Service
            • Voicemail Services
            • Customized Greetings
            • HIPAA Compliant Secure 2-Way Texting
            • SOX Compliant XXX
            • Free Online Tools & Reports
            • Local and Toll-Free 800 Numbers
            • Affordable Plans

            Frequently Asked Questions:

            1. How does an answering service work?

            Answering services answer calls, make calls, and disseminate information on behalf of your company. The benefit of a company such as Hartley and Associates is that we can provide critical service and excellent customer service to customers at small and medium-sized companies who don’t have the financial resources to hire call receptionists of their own.

            Answering services are not as complicated as you might think. You simply call-forward your number to us and we answer. We provide a local or toll-free number for your account. When you want us to answer for you, you simply call-forward your business line or lines to the call-forward number we’ve assigned to you, and you can forward as many numbers to us as you like.

            When forwarded, your callers will call your business or practice, but the calls will ring to the Hartley and Associate service where we will answer your calls with your requested answer phrase, follow your custom instructions, gather the information from the caller that you need, and ensure messages are delivered to you in the manner requested.

            When you’d like to answer your own calls, all you need to do is unforward your line(s). You can also program your phone system or request that your phone service provider automatically forward and unforward when needed.

            2. What’s the difference between an answering service and a call center?

            Call centers are designed to support customer service interactions including telephone, email, technical support, and web chat. Call centers are generally larger in scale and are intended to handle a large volume of inbound (or outbound) calls. Answering services are more focused and customizable to the individual business or practice, handling inbound calls, taking messages, dispatching urgent matters, and scheduling appointments, all dependent on the client’s unique needs.

            3. How much do answering services cost?

            All answering services charge a bit differently.  At Hartley and Associates, our goal is to keep our pricing very straightforward without hidden costs and fillers.

            We charge for the length of time we are working on your behalf. And, in the instance of 24/7 support, you are only charged when we actually answer a call for you. 

            Billable time includes answering the call and speaking with your callers, taking messages and delivering those messages per your instructions, and maintaining on-call schedules if applicable. We charge in six-second increments and don’t roll up to the next minute. In our years of experience, the Hartley and Associates team feels this is the most equitable and straightforward way to invoice our clients. 

            We have a variety of service plans to fit various needs, starting at $65 per month for 50 staff minutes. Each successive plan has a lower per-minute rate.

            4. What about telemarketer calls – are we charged for those?

            Unfortunately there is no way to block a sales or telemarketer call. Instead, by billing in six-second increments, a telemarketer call is very short and the cost is minimal.

            5. What geographies do you support?

            We presently support any business located within the United States. 

            6. Do you support other languages upon request?

            Yes, we have 24/7 bilingual Spanish and English staff. Other languages are supported upon request.

            7. What industries do you support?

            Hartley is proud to provide answering services for businesses of all sizes in the following industries:

            • Medical
            • In-Home Care
            • Hospice Care
            • Dental
            • Veterinary
            • Construction/ General Contracting
              • Plumbing
              • HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning)
              • Electrical
              • Painting
              • Roofing
              • Siding
              • Landscaping
              • Handyman Services
            • Property Management
            • Government Agencies/ Municipalities 
            • Legal
            8. How quickly can my business get started with Hartley and Associates answering services?

            Hartley and Associates can usually start supporting your call answering needs in one week or less. When you contact us for assistance, we start by having a discovery call to learn more about your business or practice.. We then work together to determine your specific business needs and pain points and design a solution that will serve your callersand your business the best. Once we agree on a plan, we can stand up a team to start answering your calls.

            9. What training does Hartley and Associates staff receive?

            The Hartley and Associates team receives customized training tailored to the various clients that they support. This means that our team will be trained to support your customers the way that you want them to be supported. Specifically, we expect all of our call center representatives to go through the following training initiatives.

            • Online- web-based software and systems training
            • Online ‘AGENT EXCELLENCE’ training
            • On-going one-on-one training
            • HIPAA compliance training
            • Specific client account training for all new clients accounts
            • Regular ‘pop quizzes ‘ to keep staff sharp and on top of client needs and expectations