Dental Answering Service


Dental Answering Service
Professional answering service for dentists

Dental Answering Services:

Providing courteous, professional service to ensure you never miss an important call.

  • Helping you grow your practice
  • A cost-effective alternative to hiring additional staff
  • HIPAA/HITECH compliant equipment and trained staff – to meet all privacy rules and regulations.


Competitive Edge: Dentistry is a competitive industry. While you are attending to your patients, you are also concerned with patient retention and growth — and this is where we can help, especially if you’ve invested in sales and marketing programs that drive new patients to call your office.

It’s not always possible for your limited office staff to answer every call. And you don’t want your calls to go to voicemail, or worse yet, to an answering machine.

To ensure your callers are always greeted by a friendly and courteous voice, we can answer your daytime overflow, lunch and after-hours calls for you. And we can screen them according to your specifications to ensure you receive urgent messages right away.


Cost Effective: While hiring can be expensive, staffing doesn’t have to be. We can be an extension of  your staff at a fraction of the cost of hiring.  And we never call in sick, quit, or go on vacation.


Technology: We operate our business using the latest equipment and software. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to provide highly customized service accurately and reliably.

To ensure we are providing service 24/7/365, we invest in robust, redundant backup systems that deliver near 100% uptime.


HIPAA/HITECH Compliant: While the latest HIPAA/HITECH regulations have added extra complexity to running your practice, you can rest assured that our equipment, software and systems meet the latest HIPAA/HITECH compliance regulations. We also offer a variety of compliant messaging options including Secure Messaging for HIPAA-compliant texting. And our office staff is HIPAA trained to ensure patient health information is protected.


Dental Answering Services

Ensuring Patient-Doctor Communication – Always

  • Enabling Continuous Growth
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Hiring
  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant
  • Professional and Experienced
  • 24/7/365 Call Answering

Dental Call Management You Can Count On

From the moment you decided to become a medical practitioner, you vowed to help people.
Whatever your specialty, wherever your practice, your patients put unconditional trust in your expertise and consideration for their wellbeing. But before a patient can receive care, they need to make contact with your practice to make an appointment – while you might be busy in the operating room and have a receptionist on maternity leave. Or you could be getting some well deserved sleep when a patient urgently needs information. No matter your situation, you want to ensure your patients feel that they’re individually recognized and cared for.

That’s where Hartley and Associates Answering Service comes in.

every call matters

Your Courteous, Professional, and Personalized Dental Answering Services

Hartley and Associates Answering Service is an external communications solution for dentists who need constant call monitoring and world-class telephonic patient attention.

dental answering service

Every Call Matters

Between consultations, procedures, administrative paperwork, follow-ups, staff breaks, paid leave, sick days, and scheduling, you already have your hands full. With all of this in mind, you still need to ensure your patients’ calls are answered.
An unanswered call could mean a client moving on to another doctor – or worse, leaving a bad review. Being placed on hold isn’t a solution either, especially if a patient needs an urgent answer or appointment. You want to grow your business, which means ensuring every potential and recurring patient has access to communication with your practice.
Hartley and Associates Answering Service is the expert dental call management solution you need to maximize your client-practice communication. Whether you’re dealing with after-hours calls, overflowing enquiries, inaccurate message interpretation, public holidays, or budget cuts, our professional team of experienced and friendly staff will help you tend to every call while adhering to your specific protocols.
Not only will we ensure customer-doctor communication lines are always open, but we’ll also make sure all messages are accurately transferred to the relevant on-call doctor.
At Hartley and Associates Answering Service, every call matters.

Each Penny Considered

According to forbes.com, companies lose roughly $3,600 per year for each hourly worker, and $2,650 annually for salaried employees. There are various culprits here, from wages to absent employees, high-replacement costs, and administrative costs during absences.
In saying that, it’s also impossible to hire a receptionist who’s willing to work 24/7. It’s simply unfeasible. In an ideal world, people are faultless, always healthy, and never need any sleep. But in an ideal world, people also wouldn’t need dental procedures because they’d have perfect teeth…
The reality is, you can’t change humanity – but you can change the way you innovate. Hartley and Associates Answering Service is the answer to your call. At a fraction of typical costs, you can hire our dental answering services and have peace of mind knowing your patients’ calls are always answered and taken care of.
We don’t take any leave – which means we serve your practice throughout the year without dropping you into a costly and out of control situation. From customized greetings to procedural standards and message transfers, we’re always ready to take a call. We understand that a simple friendly voice can mean the difference between growth and loss, which is why we strive to ensure your practice and pocket only grows.

Save money with a professional answering service
Secure dental messaging center | Hartley and Associates Answering Service

All Patients Satisfied

According to unicomcorp.com, approximately 85% of people don’t call back after their calls were unanswered. This significantly affects your reputation and your loyal patient relationships. What’s more, when patients don’t get their urgent questions answered, they tend to move on to a different practice.
Your practice is entirely based upon your patients. Without them, you’ll be all skilled-up with no one to serve. Our dental answering services allows you to put your skills to good use while your patients get the excellent experience they expect and deserve.
But you’re not the only one with peace of mind. Once patients realize they can contact you at any time, they too will feel at ease knowing they’ve found the right medical practitioner.
When a call comes through, it will immediately be transferred to our call center. From here, we categorize calls according to priority and subject and send it straight through to your office. If an emergency call comes in, we’ll immediately transfer the message onto you.

Innovation Maximized

We have the latest, most advanced technology and equipment software needed to provide highly efficient and customized dental call management for your practice. With accurate, reliable, and augmented innovation on our side, we’re always at the top of our game. Furthermore, we invest in robust, consistent backup systems to safeguard all calls and records.
The latest HIPAA/HITECH regulations have undoubtedly added additional complexity to practices everywhere, but with our equipment, software, and systems at your disposal, you can rest assured knowing we comply with these regulations. What’s more, we also offer Secure Messaging options adhering to HIPAA texting regulations. In fact, we have an entire HIPAA trained team to further safeguard patient health information.

Dental call management with Hartley and Associates Answering Service

Hartley and Associates Answering Service understands how important every call is, which is why we leave no stone unturned, and no call unanswered. Call us today for more information or to discuss what we can do for your practice.