Dental Answering Service


every call mattersTake Your Dental Practice To The Next Level

    At Hartley and Associates, we know that at the heart of every dental practice is the desire to offer the very best care possible. If you are worried about missing patient calls or are unable to give 100% of your attention to the patients that need it, then not only do we know that your business can do better, but we’re here to help you fill any gaps in communication.

    Our dental answering service allows you to free up your time while still managing patient calls – saving you time and money! All this while being able to greatly improve your level of customer service which at the end of the day makes for happier patients and a better bottom line.

    More than this, we offer a service that is fully comprehensive and HIPAA/HITECH compliant. That way, you can grow your business and successfully navigate all the necessary patient calls with total peace of mind.

    With Hartley and Associates at the ready, you never have to worry about additional call management. We offer courteous and professional service that keeps your business competitive and your customer service at an impeccable standard. It just makes sense. Plus, it allows you to attend to what matters most: dental care for your patients. We handle the extra calls; you focus on your practice!

    dental answering serviceCourteous, Professional, and Personalized Dental Answering Services

    With Hartley and Associates, you have access to total coverage for any overflow calls that come into your office. You can augment your current staffing around knowing that you have the necessary support to field extra calls. 

    Our value-driven service provides accurate dispatching of urgent after-hour calls as well. We ensure that we are well-versed in your desired protocol to take messages or redirect calls as needed. 

    Think of Hartley and Associates as an extension of your office: we take accurate messages, deliver detailed requests for follow-up, and direct urgent calls to the correct on-call practitioner when needed. 

    In today’s age of constant access and the desire for a sense of immediacy, we understand how unanswered calls can affect your business and your overall customer satisfaction. Being able to call their dental practitioner at any time, and knowing that their call will be handled swiftly and with care, means that your patients never have to deal with the frustration of needing to call back (or worse, call a different dentist). 

    Dental Answering Services

    • Enabling Continuous Growth
    • Cost-Effective Alternative to Hiring
    • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant
    • Professional and Experienced
    • 24/7/365 Call Answering

    Professional answering service for dentistsOur Premium Call Answering Service

    Our service is quite straightforward and yet manages to cater to the nuances of the dental field with immense efficiency and understanding. Quite often, we find that our service helps address a gap in the customer service area due to the fact that calls are never left unanswered, regardless of how busy your front office may be. This is not a failing on the part of your staff, but rather, a testament to a successful business. Fielding multiple calls, especially during busy or peak times, is exactly what our service is designed to support.

    Instead of attempting to solve the need to address the influx by hiring additional staff (which may not be needed at all times), we recommend using a service that offers you a time-saving and cost-saving alternative. Based off-site, our team is able to seamlessly integrate with your already existing front office customer service and ensure that we maintain the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency.

    With Hartley and Associates, you can rest easy knowing that we strictly adhere to your requested call answering protocols and that we take clear, well-articulated, and detailed messages for all matters such as appointments, cancellations, and prescriptions.

    We specifically offer our call answering service for the dental industry. This is due to the fact that we have had extensive experience within the field and can masterfully handle the needs of dental offices, as well as the fact that we know just how important it is to this industry that calls do not go unanswered.


    Secure dental messaging center | Hartley and Associates Answering ServiceAll dental practitioners must face two sides of their work.

    First, the medical side requires an acute level of attention to deliver the highest standard of medical care. There is a need to invest in both patient retention and patient care at this level. More than this, it is the core of your daily business and the crux of what you do: Be a dental care provider. With that being said, the second half of your work cannot be ignored and that is the business aspect. The day-to-day administrative and operational tasks that keep your practice open. Simple tasks such as scheduling, call management, and customer satisfaction handling all require attention as well. Without this side of the business, there would be no appointments to see to!


    What Does The Service Include?

    We offer a person-to-person connection that allows your patients to feel important, well cared for, and addresses their needs in a timely fashion. While we use the latest technology in delivering our service, your patients will never need to deal with an automated message or robotic answering service that makes them feel unvalued or confused.

    The core of our service is actually based on customer service, more than merely making sure that calls get answered. To us, the patient care your practice delivers starts with every phone call and should be of the highest standard. Personalized, understanding, and helpful – those are comments you want to hear from your patients instead of negative reviews about how they can never reach your office or have to struggle with a smart-bot that doesn’t understand the nuance of what they need.

    Dental call management with Hartley and Associates Answering ServiceHartley and Associates fulfills the role of a 24-hour virtual receptionist that allows your staff the time to manage in-office patients, enjoy lunch breaks, or even attend staff meetings. Our service is able to:

    • Schedule appointments 
    • Accept appointment cancellations
    • Assist with prescription requests
    • Contact the correct on-call dentist or orthodontist when deemed necessary (we have years of experience in this area, so we know when to call and when not to)
    • Contact the on-call practitioner according to specific instructions such as knowing what times to contact them and where, calling their residence or mobile, when to send a secure text, how long to wait before a follow-up contact attempt, and so on
    • Take clear, accurate office messages for all non-urgent matters such as appointment scheduling, prescription requests, and the like

    Our service is also based on the fact that your practice may need to field after-hours calls. We provide the peace of mind that those calls are still being managed and seen to and that you will be alerted to any emergencies as per the protocols discussed above.

    We offer a bilingual call answering service that caters to both English and Spanish. Over 10% of the U.S. population speaks Spanish as their primary language, and we make sure that their calls will be handled with the same level of professionalism, understanding, and care.

    Overflow call management which handles those calls that occur while your receptionist may be helping an in-office patient on another line ensures that your patients never have to wait on hold for an extended period of time. All calls are answered promptly and with an exceptional level of service. This is also especially useful when you find yourself short-staffed during the busy season, due to illness, or as a result of vacation time.


    Save money with a professional answering serviceHow Does It Work?

    Hartley and Associates offers an “as needed” call answering service. This means that while we don’t fully replace your inbound calling system, we are always there to handle any calls that would otherwise go unanswered for any reason.

    You may think this requires a complicated setup, but the process is actually quite simple. For us to answer your calls, you can simply call forward to a number we assign for your practice. This number will be a local or toll-free number that you can forward unlimited numbers to. When call forwarding is activated, your patients will call your business or office line as usual, and it will ring through to us.

    You can also enlist your phone service provider to arrange for over-flow call forwarding. When your office line(s) are busy, or if the office phone is ringing and all office staff is attending to patients, your calls can automatically roll over to us. 

     We will answer calls as per the instruction protocols and use your requested answer phrase. After that, we will follow the call management procedure to make sure that the caller or message is directed to the correct portal.

     To start answering your own calls again, you simply unselect call forwarding.

    Yes, it truly is that simple!


    The Benefits Of Using A dental Answering Service

    Here are The Advantages You Can Enjoy

    Secure dental messaging center | Hartley and Associates Answering Service

    We ensure that our service is both friendly and technologically advanced. Not only do we use integrated technology that delivers calls without an echo, delay, or jitter, but we are also able to customize your account to exact specifications as you need it. More than this, the friendly voice at the end of the line is highly trained and located in the United States – we never send your calls offshore. With that being said, let’s take a quick look at some other benefits of using Hartley and Associates:

    • Efficient handling of emergency calls
    • Ability to grow and scale your business
    • Cost-effective alternative to hiring additional staff
    • Professional and friendly customer service
    • Highly trained and skilled service that adopts your chosen answering protocols

    The Hartley and Associates Difference

     Your Premium Choice in Dental Answering Service Providers

    When it comes to choosing a service provider to manage the most important element of your business – your patients – we fully appreciate how much attention and care needs to be given to provide a premium level of service. You can rest assured that, with decades of experience in answering calls for the dental community, we have what it takes to ensure the very best for your customer satisfaction.

     In addition to having an extensive level of experience, we have an intuitive and innate understanding of the day-to-day needs that dental practices face. Lunch breaks, overflow calls, and after-hour access for emergencies are all a part of running a successful dental office. From state-of-the-art technology to professional team members that adhere to the strictest medical requirements such as adherence to HIPAA regulations, we have the right solution for you. We ensure efficient,

    Save money with a professional answering service

    seamless communication between our service and your dental practitioners. For added reassurance, know that all of our equipment, software, staff, and, in fact, our entire answering system, all meet the latest HIPAA/HITECH compliance regulations. In addition to our regular service, we also offer a variety of messaging options such as Secure Messaging for HIPAA-compliant texting. All patient health information is treated with the utmost care in order to keep the patient protected and your practice compliant.

    Experienced Professionals
    Who Know What Dentists Need

    We have been in service for long enough to have a nuanced and detailed understanding of the nature of business for the dental field. We know the frustrations you may encounter such as having the wrong on-call dentist being contacted or calling through after hours for a non-urgent matter that should have waited for the next business day. Inaccurate or incomplete messages, not following set instructions, and worse, unprofessional handling of your patients, can all lead to a disastrous experience.

    With Hartley and Associates, you never need to worry about any of these issues. It is simply not how we do things. Our badge of honor is in offering a service, as we have successfully done for decades, that leaves you feeling supported, relieved, and satisfied.

    Remember that we will never fully replace your existing telephone reception system. We are a supplementary support structure that ensures we handle the calls you need us to, in the way you want us to.

    Hartley and Associates Answering Service understands how important every call is, which is why we leave no stone unturned, and no call unanswered. Call us today for more information or to discuss what we can do for your practice.