Even in today’s digital age, the telephone remains one of the most crucial primary points of contact between businesses and consumers. Your company may rely on phone calls both to capture new leads and provide support and service. However, high call volumes can reduce the effectiveness of your customer service if wait times are long. You may even miss out on important calls due to unavailability. Should you invest in the technology of an answering service to assist you?

Making a decision about an answering service

answering service technologyTo answer that question, you’ll need to ask yourself several more questions first. Begin with: “How often are calls becoming problematic?” For example, do your staff members have trouble keeping up with demand on the phones? Have you received complaints, or have ratings for your service dropped? Look at the overall level of success you have fielding phone calls.

Next, think about all of the times you are unavailable to answer the phone — nights, weekends, vacations. Should you try to capture calls from clients even when you aren’t available? If you can answer yes to even one of these questions, an answering service offers an ideal alternative to the status quo.

Hartley & Associates: a modern answer to classic problems

At Hartley & Associates, we offer an answering service that’s robust, modernized, and ready to meet the needs of established and growing businesses alike. Based in California, we can easily answer all your phone calls and provide continuous answering-services around the clock. That is simply the beginning of what we bring to the table. Consider these other clear advantages.

Available as Needed or 24/7/365

When you’re missing calls, you’re losing valuable opportunities. With trained staff from Hartley & Associates answering those calls instead, you can put that problem in the past. With 24-hour availability, there is always someone there to pick up and say “Hello, how may I help you today?”

Rather than getting a voicemail box or busy signal, your customers will hear the friendly voice of one of our well-trained employees on the other end.

We Invest in Technology

Telephony systems are complex. Luckily, we have the best technology at our disposal to help you manage them. Hartley & Associates strives to stay on the cutting edge of communications technology to enhance the service we deliver. With modern software systems for evenly distributing calls among employees and lowering overall hold times, these assets are critical to our offerings. You can trust that we will always work to improve our services, offering you continually more value for your investment.

Highly Trained, Knowledgeable Employees

Whenever one of our staffers picks up the phone, they understand they become an ambassador for your company. We carefully screen every applicant to select the best possible employees. With in-depth training, they are adept at handling many situations and interactions over the phone. We tailor our services to your specifications. And we closely monitor call quality and client satisfaction for continued success.

Enhanced ROI for Improved Value

For all of the above reasons, Hartley & Associates offers measurable benefits from working with an answering service. From our focus on technology to our constant effort to provide the best service, businesses receive immense value from working alongside our team. When you make an investment in our services, you can do so with confidence.

Budgeting to outsource your calls will save you time, free up valuable employees for other tasks, and begin generating a return in no time. When you capture every call, your opportunities for new business grow. From our investments in the latest technology to our stellar record of service, Hartley & Associates offers a path to better client communications today.