We often get questions about how relevant answering services are in our current high tech world:


Are answering services still around?


Who needs an answering service?


Aren’t answering services old fashioned?


The answers: Yes we are, you might, and not at all!


People have grown weary of technical replacements for real people. We can email and text, and sometimes that’s sufficient. But often, we just want to speak with a real person. And that’s where Hartley’s Answering Service excels.


In our very fast-paced world, time is valuable. We simply do not have time to waste on voicemail messages and playing phone tag. And we don’t know a person out there who thinks Interactive Voice Recordings are a good idea.  No one should have to listen to layer upon layer of options and menus until they finally reach someone’s voicemail box to leave a message – never actually speaking to a real person. Do businesses that use these options really care about their callers?


For all these reasons and more, Hartley’s Answering Service is alive and well. We make sure your callers are greeted by a helpful, friendly person. We make sure we answer your calls professionally, courteously, and accurately according to your specific instructions. And we deliver your messages to you any way you choose — all of which provide a pleasant experience for your callers, and make you much more efficient and productive.